Derwent Sailing Squadron



Please complete and return to the office. All information will remain confidential.

Section 1 - Boat Details

Section 2 - Contact Details

Section 3 - Access Card

  • The issued access card is the sole responsibility of the above visitor.

  • The issued access card will not be subject for loan to a third party.

  • A $100 per card refundable deposit will be paid for the issue of an access card.

  • A $100 per card refund will be paid on return of a redundant access card.

  • A $100 per card administration fee will be paid for any lost or stolen access cards to cover re-stocking and re-programming expenses.

  • Marina gates will not be caused to remain open as a consequence of any other mechanisms than that provided as part of the system.

  • The issued access card will not be altered in any way (no holes to be punched into card).

Section 4 - Fees

The following will be used to settle marina fees and any other charges occured during your stay.

Draw Type
I agree to electronically sign and to create a legally binding contract between the other party and myself, or the entity I am authorized to represent.

Section 5 - Terms and Conditions

Once submited please allow up to 2 working days for a reply which will confirm available, berth number and pricing.